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HPA offers a cutting-edge concept that aims to renew the idea of a prestigious private house. To do this it draws on over twenty years experience in the building sector.

Many years of contact with our customers have enhanced and clearly highlighted their necessity to increase the quality of life in their prestigious homes by reducing management load which is often complex and articulated.
From this observation, supported by a splendid location, we decided to create an innovative concept that combines a wonderful view of Lake Garda, a luxuriant park, modern houses always full of outdoor spaces and a wonderful exotic swimming pool, with the convenience of a management supported by the latest generation home automation systems and by the support of an attentive staff on site.

A relaxing and quality life that leave time to our customers to be enjoyed in spite of big or small problems due to house management.
Native of these places and high connoisseurs of them we have immediately recognized this as one of the most extraordinary and prestigious locations to live and appreciate Lake Garda for our Italian and foreign clients, to live there throughout the year as well as for long and short holiday periods.

Today, as in the past, we think that the beautiful Padenghe, strategically connected to the main means of transport, surrounded by internationally appreciated countries and full of activities to do, represents an unmissable opportunity to realize how much our lake is certainly ready to receive.


+39 030 9996711
Via Lavagnone 11
Lonato del Garda (BS)


+39 (030) 9996711
+39 3483409973
Via Lavagnone, 11
Lonato del Garda (BS) - ITALY
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